Site specific and mine compliance

Standard 4WD vehicles are custom built to navigate rough terrains. However, certain industries in Australia require mine spec vehicles for enhanced safety, operation and functionality. As much as different work sites have different safety standards, you’re best advised to upgrade your vehicle in compliance to your industry. Whether civil, construction or mining sites, Hills is proficient in modifying standard vehicle into different mine and site specs.

We source good quality products from a range of different suppliers including Ironman. Some of them include:

  • Amber beacons and tow bar wiring looms
  • Bull bars, Tow bars and Suspension
  • Tailored comfort canvas seat covers
  • Lights and Green safety flashers
  • Reverse quacker alarms and Isolation switches
  • Underbody protection
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Side protection and steps
  • Rear protection tow bars and accessories
  • Canopies and lots more

Need anything else? Contact Hills for mine and site spec accessories designed for the most stringent safety standards.