Contact Hills whenever you have auto electrical problems

Cars, trucks and machinery – rely on operational electrical systems for smooth action and performance. From the ignition, windscreen wipers and lighting, to cruise control, fuel gauge and metering, your vehicle is programed and directly connected to the power system through a network of wiring.

On the road, driving a vehicle with fully-functional electrical system gives you 100% confidence. You need to bring your vehicle to Hills for a regular check so you can assure your vehicle is performing at its best all the time

The core of our auto electric services center on –

  • Alternator, charging and starter issues
  • Replacements, upgrades, deep cycle and dual battery systems
  • Auto parts and accessory sales, installation and repairs
  • Complete auto wiring and rewiring
  • Electrics failure diagnosis and repairs
  • Radio and sound system installation
  • Comprehensive auto electrics such as cruise control, headlights, ignition, security & alarm systems, power locks and lots more

Hills Auto Electrics is equipped with ultramodern diagnostic technologies for diagnosing intricate auto electrical faults – helping you save time, stress and money. Feel free to contact us today for any your auto needs or learn more about our services.