Air Conditioning Services

Auto Air-Conditioning and Heating Solution in Smeaton Grange

Do you need help fixing your air-conditioning problems?  Or, perhaps require installation, servicing and replacement of the air conditioning unit in your vehicle? We offer the best service to keep your vehicle ice cold

Don’t Suffer the Heat. Stay Cool!

Today, air conditioning units in vehicles is not a luxury. It has become a crucial element in the modern vehicle, which keeps motorists cool and comfortable and safe in our extreme climate.

When air conditioning units break down, it can be caused by –

loss of refrigerant, leakage from ‘O’ rings compressor broken pipes, and corrosion of alloy parts.

To avoid any further damage, you should choose the experts at Hills

At Hills, we specialize in –

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning accessories
  • Air conditioning maintenance and servicing
  • Air conditioning inspection and upgrades

Whether your machinery needs to be retro fitted with air conditioning systems or you have a Vehicle that needs A/C servicing, we will get things working right.

We are fully certified to handle all types of air-conditioning systems including cars, trucks and buses. Come to Hills when warm air is blowing from your air-conditioning vents and your vehicle is no longer cool.